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I am very conscious that more and more consumers want to purchase products that are environmentally sustainable and I am committed to this practice. Llamas, by nature are low impact animals and our herd management, fibre collection and fibre cleaning practices ensure that we maintain the process.


For a more complete picture of why llamas, and Granite Haven Llama Fibre is an environmentally sustainable product, click on one of the headings below.


  1. Being washable, the need for dry cleaning is eliminated as well as the harmful chemicals that process employs.

  2. The fabric's natural cleanliness requires infrequent laundering using cold water. The garments are quickly dried simply by laying flat. This significantly reduces the water and energy consumption that are part of the washing and drying processes for other fibres, especially cotton. This quality is particularly important as approximately 1/3 of energy consumption/emissions attributed to clothing occurs in washing and drying.

  • The fibre performs at an optimal level for the life of the garment. The fabric's performance is a result of the natural properties of the fibre and is not dependent on chemical treatments or coatings. The coatings and treatments common to enhanced fibres (synthetic or natural) can wear off and compromise a garment's function or weaken the fibre and shorten its life.


  • Comfort and Appearance

  • Performance

  • Care



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