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Snugly hidden away in the Strathbogie Ranges of North-East Victoria, is farmland where Llamas have been free to roam. And now to accompany them, a flock of Gotland Sheep, a rare breed in Australia.


It has been a long time vision of Cheryl Crosbie’s to breed Llamas and Gotland Sheep as they produce high quality, resilient fibre that is naturally beautiful for use in a variety of art and crafts.


Throughout Cheryl’s years of research on breeds across the globe, she has found no other sheep that compare to the Gotland’s very high quality fibre. Gotland are famous for their grey range, from light silver grey to a deep charcoal and all the nuances in between, whilst maintaining incredible soft handling. The primary feature of Gotland fibre is the natural lustre, and the high degree of curl (Spurl) that is not found in other breeds.


Llama and Gotland sheep both provide genuine boutique fibre ~ perfect for spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, fibre art and lots more.


100% pure and natural ~ no synthetic blends


Strong, resilient yet soft ~ easy to use




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