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.NOW GOTLAND TOP AVAILABLE non mulesed sheep 100% LOCAL

Top now available in a range of colour as well as natural

Our Gotland fleece is cleaned and carded, and prepared into rovings, eliminating dirt, seeds and grass. The fibre is lustrous, soft and warm making it a great fibre for spinners, weavers, hand knitters and a particular favourite with felters and fibre artists around the world. 


Whilst not as light weight as Llama, Gotland has a very high warmth to weight ratio, providing a great deal of warmth and comfort without the heaviness of regular sheep fleece. Great for garments for travellers.


To guarantee the quality and integrity of our fibre we do not process with destructive chemicals. The vegetable matter is gently removed by mechanical means. Occasionally remnant vegetable matter may be found in the fibre.


Each season brings subtle nuances in colours. To provide consistency of colour range we choose fleece and blend to provide three consistent colours, in the grey palette. As well we have three unblended colours ~ white, black and honey.


Note: Black is only available in fleece as it is very rare.   NEW RANGE OF COLOURS COMING 2020



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