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Trekking The llama was originally bred as a beast of burden in their native South America and during my reading I discovered that in the USA, llamas have been used extensively for trekking. There was no information in Australia on how to train a llama to pack, so I researched the internet and purchased books from the USA.


Thankfully llama are very forgiving animals. I originally trained four using the advice from these books . . . now I can adapt the method as the real situation requires and I rarely miss a weekly walk in the bush with my llamas. So pack up your llama for a family picnic and enjoy the bush with these gentle hiking companions. Llamas will effortlessly and willingly carry all of your supplies.


On the trail they walk at a gentle pace that any age can keep up with, but will also give the most ardent jogger a good work out if necessary.


Please contact me if you would like more information on trekking in general, or to organise your own trek.


Granite Haven Llamas ~ gently raised, softly handled . . .


For further information contact Cheryl >>


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