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Llama fibre is a 'wonder' fibre, with so many advantages over wool and synthetic, that it is difficult to know where to begin. Soft, warm and oil-free ~ great for spinners, weavers and felters and craft. It comes in a wide range of natural colours.


So, why llama? Click on links below to find out.


  • Performance
    Llama fibre is hollow and provides superior insulation on a warmth/weight comparison with other fibres, especially synthetics

  • Comfort and Appearance
    Llama fibre has a fine diameter and low scale which give fabrics a naturally soft hand and luxurious feel and they move silently. The llamas produce fibre in an array of natural colors that are rich looking, all-natural, and won't fade. Basic neutral colors incorporated with traditional designs give garments a long fashion life and they coordinate well.

  • Superior qualities
    Llama fiber offers an attractive alternative to alpaca, sheep's wool or synthetics. This all natural fibre provides enduring protection for conditions ranging from cool to cold, wet, and nasty. Whether in the city or the country, inside or out, its comfort, good looks, and performance are remarkable.

  • Environmentally Sustainable
    The whole process from the llama being reared in natural surroundings, through fibre and yarn production, is sustainable and 'green'

Granite Haven Llamas ~ gently raised, softly handled . . .

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