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As with my llamas, my Gotland fleece has been shorn from Gotlands that have been selectively bred and managed, ensuring the very best quality of fleece. Gotland fleece is fine, long, lustrous, with dense soft handle and clearly defined curl for spinners, weavers, hand knitters and felters.


It is pure joy working with Gotland fleece because of its lustre and softness. The fibre measures at 20 to 33 microns however it feels much softer when being worked. The staple length is a very comfortable 150-200mm.


Because my Gotland flock are free to range on the farm there will be some remnant vegetable matter in the fleece.


You won’t believe the diversity of the colour range of Gotland fleece which is renowned world wide for it greys, from light silver, to mid grey, dark grey and charcoal. At Granite Haven due to our selective breeding and husbandry practices we are also breeding white and black (very rare) and moorit (brown/honey).


Note: Black is available in fleece ONLY as it is very rare.


Fleece  Shearing WILL HAVE A large selection to take to Bendigo sheep and wool show 17 18 19 july

Below is a sample of some of the 2019 fleece. This will give you a good overview of the colour range that will be available later in the year.OPEN DAYS FOR FLEECE 2020 IS  20TH 21TH 22th NOVEMBER Bring your lunch,I do drinks and light refreshments.Farm shop open by appointment .New range of prismatic gotland rovings and yarn available.Appointments can be made for private visits,just be in touch.We can accommadate buses



Colour White


Colour Light grey, hints charcoal grey, light brown, honey.

Colour from light silver grey, mid grey to charcoal grey.

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