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Gotland Pelts

Australian Gotland Pelts - Purchase from Breeder

My Gotland journey started in 2010,with an embryo and AI program.Over this time many spinners, felters, knitters and fibre artists have purchased, fleece, rovings, yarn for their own unique products. My Open days and your visits have given me some wonderfull memories.

The focus of mine was to ensure all my fibre by products where truly Australian,we have achieved this.


Unique to Australia - Rare

The other goal was to produce furskins unique to Australia not to mimic Scandinavian style skins.This was achieved by intensive selection and controlled breeding.The other points of difference is the extensive natural colour range from white,silver greys charcoals black, tri colour,and all the nuances in between.We do not trim the fleece,this enhances your choice of staple length,and density of the furskin,and degree of curl.The lustrous fleece has a sensual textural feel.

I have personally over seen the whole process.


My Gotland Furskins

Each is original no 2 alike,they bring unprecedented style to your home whether used as a rug , a baby's snuggle,in your bed,draped over a chair or couch,  relieve pressure for those that are experiencing difficulty in mobilizing, or just to wrap around your self while watching TV,on a winters night. MORE BEING PROCESSED PHOTOS WILL BE UP DATED IN TWO WEEKS 




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