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Yearly open days are our long term goal, where you can visit our farm, see the Llamas and Gotland sheep roaming the countryside, in this very natural and diverse environment. 


The Open Day will allow you to gain more knowledge and a better understanding of these two magnificent animals from breeding to production of product. 


When you visit it will be apparent that we have held fast to the ethos of humane treatment of animals. Not only is it is moral behaviour it ensures healthy happy animals who produce high quality fibre and fleece. 


Product integrity is very important to us and our Open Days will demonstrate that the Granite Haven Brand is 100% Australian Made. From ‘paddock to back’ so to speak. Our fibre is not bought in from else where (and relabeled as so often happens now) and our fibre and fleece is processed totally in Australia. There isn’t any overseas component to our manufacturing, and this has to be good for our community and our country. It is certainly good for us.


We hope that our Open Days will allow visitors to experience our product from fibre to yarn and share this with a bunch of like minded people in a beautiful rural garden setting, with a cuppa and a chat or a light lunch.


Also we would like the Open Days to be a catalyst for the formation of a gotland association, Gotland Australia, for the mutual benefit of breeders, manufactures and supporters of the Gotland breed.


We will of course have product for sale on the day as it is much more satisfying for us as breeders to sell directly to you, the customer and get to know what you like, or don’t like. Both are equally important to us, and we strongly encourage you to give us your feedback. 

To register your interest please contact us via our email link or telephone to discuss. We will endeavour to keep you informed via our Facebook page.


NON MULESED SHEEP 100%owned grown processed direct from the farmer

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