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Easy to Manage with Personality

Gotlands are easy to manage, they are docile and inquisitive, making them easier to handle than the other more primitive northern short tailed breeds. They don’t have sluggish personalities, which makes them easy to tame and manage without a dog. Personally to me this is one of the most endearing reasons for breeding Gotlands.


A Multiperpose Breed

Intensive and selective breeding in Sweden since the 1920’s produced the modern Gotland, famous for its soft and curly pelts. While the pelts were the most notable product from Gotland sheep, Gotlands are a true multipurpose breed providing fleece, pelts and meat.



Gotland Fleece, very rare in Australia, is fine, lustrous, soft handle with clearly defined curl (spurl) from 10mm to 15mm. Perfect for spinners, knitters, textile artists, weavers and felters. Using selective genetics, Granite Haven has been able to produce the characteristic full range of greys, for which Gotland are renowned, along with white, black and a lovely honey shade, in some of the softest Gotland wool available.



Gotland pelts are world-renowned for their superior quality and are considered to be the most desirable sheep skin. They are strong, durable and very high lustre in the traditional array of rich grey shades. Granite Haven aims to be in the pelt market when the herd numbers are sufficient.


Gotland lambs are active, quick to suckle and fast growing, reaching ideal slaughter at 5-7 months of age. The meat is mild, good flavored and close-grained. Our plan is to provide meat for sale also when our herd numbers are sufficient

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