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I am very conscious that more and more consumers want to purchase products that are environmentally sustainable and I am committed to this practice. Llamas, by nature are low impact animals and our herd management, fibre collection and fibre cleaning practices ensure that we maintain the process.


For a more complete picture of why llamas, and Granite Haven Llama Fibre is an environmentally sustainable product, click on one of the headings below.


Whilst Granite Haven Llama fibre and yarn will be used across a range of textile crafts, I think mainly it will be knitted or woven into garments and apparel and there are many reasons why garments made from llama fibre and yarn are environmentally friendly.


In today's marketplace, consumers are placing an increased emphasis on purchasing products and services having the lowest possible environmental impact. The words "green" and "sustainable" are used with increasing frequency to characterise products and services that have low environmental impact and resource consumption


When clothing products are evaluated on this basis, their level of environmental impact is surprisingly high. Research indicates clothing can be responsible for as much as 25% of single person emissions (varies with the individual and the climate they live in) when considering all aspects of a garment's lifespan from fibre production, manufacture, distribution, and cleaning, to ultimate disposal. Concerned, conscientious consumers are recognising that the current "disposable clothing" economy is very consumptive and not sustainable. They are opting for higher quality garments that reduce resource consumption to the greatest degree possible through every phase of clothing production and wear





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