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I am very conscious that more and more consumers want to purchase products that are environmentally sustainable and I am committed to this practice. Llamas, by nature are low impact animals and our herd management, fibre collection and fibre cleaning practices ensure that we maintain the process.


For a more complete picture of why llamas, and Granite Haven Llama Fibre is an environmentally sustainable product, click on one of the headings below.


  1. No ground compactionLlamas have soft leather pads and two toes, making them softly trodden, but with a very good grip. A llama lifts one foot at a time whilst walking, leaving the other three to share body load. It has been demonstrated that a 150 kg llama carrying a 30kg pack leaves less impression on the soil beneath it feet than an 80kg human with no pack at all.

  2. Easy to feedIn the paddock, llamas are happy to graze on native pastures and additional feeding is not necessary if the pasture is adequate. When trekking llamas eat a little from each and only pick a few leaves here and there, they do not ravage the bushland.

  3. Disease ResistanceLlamas are resistant to many of the common stock diseases present in Australia. The natural clean skin around their genitilia means that it is not necessary to crutch and they are not prone to fly strike. Also their pelleted, odourless manure causes no contamination of the fibre or body parts. Twice yearly 5 in 1 vaccinations is necessary. Their natural habit of a community dung pile reduces the incidence of intestinal parasites.

  4. ManureThe manure, in the form of odourless pellets, is high in nitrogen, does not need to composite, can be placed on the garden without burning the plants. It has a rating of 4-3-2 of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

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