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I am very conscious that more and more consumers want to purchase products that are environmentally sustainable and I am committed to this practice. Llamas, by nature are low impact animals and our herd management, fibre collection and fibre cleaning practices ensure that we maintain the process.


For a more complete picture of why llamas, and Granite Haven Llama Fibre is an environmentally sustainable product, click on one of the headings below.


  1. Llama fibre has a natural softness and low scratch. These qualities eliminate the need for the "super washing" process associated with Merino sheep's wool. This process of treating with chemical agents is required to reduce the itch and shrink common to wool fabrics because of their more prominent scale.

  2. Llama clothing is naturally hypoallergenic. It is a dry fibre and contains no lanolin so it doesn't have to be subjected to the heavy scouring.

  3. Because llama fibre provides superior insulation and moisture regulation, the weight and encumbrance of extra layering garments and the clamminess associated with synthetics is eliminated. Not adding, shedding, or carrying layering garments as air temperature fluctuates also saves time and space.

  4. The llama's natural fibre colour maintains its rich luster for the life of the item produced and eliminates the dyeing process and the dyeing agents it employs

  5. A comfortable garment is worn preferentially resulting in protracted use until the piece is worn out thus reducing the number of garments purchased over time. The comfort and resilience of these pieces assures they won't be discarded prematurely for the sake of change or diminished appearance.


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