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I am very conscious that more and more consumers want to purchase products that are environmentally sustainable and I am committed to this practice. Llamas, by nature are low impact animals and our herd management, fibre collection and fibre cleaning practices ensure that we maintain the process.


For a more complete picture of why llamas, and Granite Haven Llama Fibre is an environmentally sustainable product, click on one of the headings below.



  1. Llama fibre is sustainable because it is produced as a by-product of a natural environment and is harvested with minimal damage to that environment and the llamas that produce it. There is no petroleum consumed as a fibre substrate or energy input in its production.

  2. Granite Haven llama fibre is hand-shorn , processed chemical free into easy to use rovings, or spun as 8 ply yarn.

  3. A natural product, llama fibre is biodegradable, eliminating the ultimate disposal problem common to any synthetic fabric whether derived from recycled sources or directly from petroleum.

  4. Because llama fibre does not require chemicals in processing or production, the industrial impact on the environment is minimal and assures sustainability.




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